Only Melanie

First Impressions

For those that don’t know, Melanie is a famous British model known for her Page 3 photo shoots and her presence on OnlyTease. She was popular enough on Only Tease to warrant her own website filled to the brim with pictures and videos, and judging by the sexy free tour she earned it. She has a beautiful smile, lovely blonde hair, and a sexy sensibility that sees her modeling everything from simple stockings to sexy costumes. She can look sultry and sophisticated if she needs to or young and sexy if she wants to.

Hot Promises

With her own exclusive website Melanie has put together hundreds of picture galleries and video clips totaling hours worth of hot material for your enjoyment. The free samples provided on the tour offer you an insight into the kind of content you’ll see as a member, including some very sexy costumes and outfits. Most of all you’re going to see Melanie in all her glory without the distractions of other models getting in the way. The site looks to be very well produced and I’m looking forward to a trip inside.


The member’s area is exceptionally well designed and easy to use. It looks beautiful with a perfect choice in colors and a good use of graphics. The most recent update is always listed at the top of the page and below that you’ll find her recent diary entries and other recent updates. She updated thirteen times in June 2007 and that’s pretty much the norm, so you’ve got a ton of content to get through if you ever want to catch up. The site was launched all the way back in April 2005 and since then Melanie has been pumping out the new galleries and video clips.

The theme of OnlyMelanie, much like OnlyTease, is a beautiful girl modeling beautiful clothing and lingerie. Instead of stripping within the first five pictures Melanie picks out the most gorgeous outfits possible and shows you ever angle of them and her body. Melanie gets topless in almost every gallery and video on the site, but you’ll never see her naked private parts because that’s not what the site is about. It’s worth mentioning that these sites execute this theme better than any others on the web.

I started my journey with the picture galleries and went all the way back to start to see what things were like in the beginning. First, Melanie wasn’t updating nearly as often back then. Second, her hair was a lot darker; in the April updates it’s a full brunette and gets lighter as the months go by. She was incredibly sexy right off the bat though. April includes a gallery in which she poses in a black basque and black stockings while sitting on a bed. She looks just as amazing here as she does in any other gallery.

As the years move forward Melanie does end up looking better; I don’t know of it’s because she started going to the gym or she just got more beautiful with age, but the newer galleries are definitely more pleasurable to look at. I like the blonde hair better than the brown as well.

There are several general themes that pervade the picture galleries at OnlyMelanie. The first is lingerie. Melanie has a series of basques, corsets, slips and bra and panty sets that she poses in and they’re all beautiful. The second theme is costumes. These include maids, schoolgirls both college themed and general, police officers, flight attendants and more. There’s also the office girl theme in which Melanie poses in a secretary style outfit. One of my favorites is the elegant theme in which she poses in a beautiful dress or high class outfit before stripping out of it and revealing her beautiful lingerie underneath. There are a few others, but that’s the general summation of what you can expect.

If you’d like to do a very specific search you can look through more than thirty categories that have been created. Each update, both video and picture, has been assigned several categories and will come up when you do your search. This is a great way to look for something specific like French knickers, which happens to be one of my favorites.

Melanie produces more picture sets than videos, but she doesn’t slack when it comes to entertainment in moving pictures. In fact, you might argue that her videos are even sexier than her picture galleries. Each clip comes with a short description, sixteen small screen captures to show you what happens over the life of the scene, and download links for a high and low resolution AVI file of the site. It’s nice that they offer two versions, but under no circumstances should you download the low resolution AVI. It looks horrible and wouldn’t even be suitable for dial up users. The high resolution AVI looks great, although you probably won’t be able to run it full screen and still get the best experience.

The kinds of outfits seen in the videos are exactly the same as the image galleries, so there’s no need to go through that again. Instead I’ll just describe some of the videos I enjoyed. First there’s Melanie posing in a sexy purple satin minidress and then stripping out of it to reveal a beautiful blue and black bra, panty and garter set. Then there’s the sexy cheerleader outfit she wore in September 2006. This one I enjoyed for the super short slutty skirt, the super tight crop top, and the way in which she shook her fine ass for the camera. Finally, my favorite features Melanie in a skin tight shiny red catsuit. Her body looks as good as it ever has in this clip and I promise you’ve never seen anything like it.

If you’d like to talk directly to Melanie you can visit her forums, which offer you the chance to converse with other members, suggest outfits you’d like to see, or just get to know people. Melanie’s diary is generally updated every three days, although she never writes much. Instead it’s like a fun update on what she’s doing with her days. The coming soon section allows you to see what the next updates will feature and plan your visits to the site accordingly. Finally, if you pay a visit to My OnlyMelanie you can customize how everything is displayed for you. You can change the number of pictures displayed per gallery, what size images you’d like to see, where or not the images should load on an html page, and more. More sites should operate like this and if you go to another from OnlyMelanie you’ll miss the option.

Croco’s Opinion

OnlyMelanie is one of my favorite solo babe websites, just like her previous home OnlyTease is one of my favorite all time websites. The best thing going for the site is the presence of Melanie. She’s awfully good looking with a great body and a strong sense of her sexuality. She knows how to pose like a supermodel and the selection of lingerie and clothing she parades out is superb. The customization options available on the site are unmatched on the web and the frequency of updates will keep you constantly busy.


There are few solo babe sites designed this well. They’ve thought of everything for their members.

Pricing Policy

You can pay by credit card or online check. You can pay $24.95 for a 30 day non recurring membership or $19.95 for one that rebills every 30 days. You can pay $49.95 for 90 days access with no rebill. You can pay $89.95 for 180 days access with no rebill. Finally, you can pay $44.95 to access OnlyTease, OnlyMelanie, OnlyCarla and Only-Opaques for one month.

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